Sunil Mangwani

Co-Founder/Master Instructor

Sunil is a Physics graduate with a Diploma in Financial Management. He has been trading the forex market & conducting trainings since the last 18 years and has devised proprietary trading strategies based on his vast knowledge and in-depth study of the forex markets.

He specializes in trading with price action and Fibonacci ratios. He uses the Fibonacci ratios to effectively trade effective patterns such as ‘The 1-2-3 pattern’, ‘Divergence’, ‘Wolfe waves’ and ‘Harmonic patterns’.

Sunil has been conducting specialized live workshops/seminars on advanced trading techniques for select group of traders all over the globe, such as Barcelona, London, Singapore, Miami USA, Jakarta, Moscow etc. He has incorporated the concepts of ‘Money Management’ & the ‘Mind’ factor, in each of the trading techniques, to prepare an effective & detailed Trade Plan. He specializes in conducting ‘Personal Mentorship’ programs for traders and preparing ‘tailor-made’ Trade Plans on individual basis. This program has benefited a large number of traders.

In his years of trading and his vast experience of teaching technical analysis, he realized that applying technical analysis is not enough to be a successful trader. One can be successful in this exciting, fulfilling and yet demanding business, if and only if, one has a definite plan on how to approach the market. If a trader has an iron clad “Trading Plan” with the 3M’s – Money, Mind & Method, it automatically puts the trader into the top 15% of the winning traders.

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I would like to extend my appreciation to Sunil who is absolutely phenomenal. He has the patience of a saint and his knowledge runs so deep that no question phases him. He makes everything seem so easy and I now have a renewed confidence in my success.
JudyToronto, Canada
Since becoming a student of Sunil’s, I have brought real discipline to my trading based upon the 3Ms. I am consistently making several thousand pips each and every month by trading his strategies and methods. If you want to become a consistently profitable Forex Trader then I highly recommend one of Sunil’s workshops to start your road to Forex success.
Martin W.Plymouth, UK
I’ve known Sunil for many years and worked with him on many occasions. He is, in my experience, quite possibly one of the most knowledgeable and capable teachers and employers of Harmonic Trading Strategies in the world.
Paul Wallace (FXTraderPaul)USA

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