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How would you like to trade the Forex markets with a high probability trading technique, which is primarily used by the professional traders? How would you like to have an indicator that would identify the ideal currency pair to trade? How would you like to have a system, that gives you the flexibility to decide the time frame you want to trade on. Attend this 2-day webinar conducted by “Willo Trading Institute” to learn all this & more.

The webinar covers:

  • Effective trading techniques along with a unique indicator.
    The crucial concepts of risk management.
  • Steps for effective trade management.
  • How to build a proper Trade Plan.


What you'll learn

Understanding the Markets

Fact: The statistics say that over 90% of the retail traders lose money in the forex markets.
Fact: Forex markets have a huge turnover of apr. 6 trillion $ per day – out of which almost 60% is traded by major Banks & institutes (The professional traders)

The professional traders start the price movement, and the inexperience of most retail traders creates the momentum that finishes this move. This is because the average (inexperienced) retail traders often rely on indicators, which helps this system to work. Most market indicators are lagging & by the time the average trader gets a buy signal, the trade is almost over and the professionals will be selling their position to the indicator-based trader. 

Importance of Trade Plans

Another reason why most traders are not successful is because they do not have a specific ‘Trade plan’. We implement the concept of the 3M’s in our Trade Plan – Money, Mind & Method….in that order. All our techniques have a specific ‘Trade plan’ based on the 3M’s, which tell us exactly when to enter a trade, what should be the stop loss levels & the correct exits.

  • Money: Risk Management is the single most important factor in trading & you will learn the
    2 Golden Rules, which would ensure success.
  • Mind: We teach the concept of ‘Discipline’ and ‘Patience’ –
    “Patience” to wait for the market to give us the trade & once it does, to have the “Discipline” to follow the rules.
  • Method: Our trading techniques are based on the very concept of the professionals trapping the inexperienced traders.
    This keeps us aligned with the professional traders…. thus, increasing the probability of successful trades.

Our techniques are advanced & effective since we do not use the regular trading concepts in the conventional way. We do not use any indicators & rely completely on price action.


‘Divergence’ is our principle trading technique, which is the primary setup used by Banks/Institutes to trap the retail traders.
By using this technique, we are trading along with the professionals.

For example, most traders are not aware that there are different types of divergences. Our Trade plan identifies the “Class A” divergence which is the strongest type of divergence & usually indicates a sharp and significant reversal of the trend.

Fibonacci Ratios

In addition, we use the Fibonacci Ratios as a confirmation factor. The Fibonacci ratios are used in the financial markets to identify strong support/resistance levels. They can accurately anticipate the major turns in the market & identify key turning points for tops and bottoms… only if you know how to read it correctly. But the truth is most traders seldom use it properly.

We use certain ‘Institutional ratios’ which most traders are not aware of…. again, to keep our trades aligned with the professionals.

The advantage of the Fibonacci ratios & the Divergence technique is that they can be used to trade any financial instrument which exhibits sufficient volatility.

Relative Strengh

And last but not the least, we implement the concept of ‘Relative Strength’ between currencies to identify the ideal currency pair to trade.
Trading forex has a huge advantage since we are trading 2 currencies at the same time – against each other. If we can identify which is the strongest currency, and which is the weakest currency at that same time, we can select the currency pair that will give the best movements.
And this works across all time frames.

BONUS: The “Fibforex Currency Correlation” proprietary indicator for MT4

This indicator shows when one currency is growing stronger (or weaker) than the other currency of the pair, which is an excellent indication of a change of trend.

The unique feature of this indicator is that it measures the strength of each currency individually. This is done by calculating the “Currency Index” of the respective currency, based on the strength of the particular currency against all other major currencies. It then compares the strength & weakness of each of these Currency Indexes against each other.

In Summary

With these tools a trader can:

  • Decide the time frame to trade on.
  • Identify the best currency pair to trade.
  • Trade with the unique strategies & build a ‘Trade Plan’ by implementing the Golden Rules of risk management.



2-Day Webinar and 10 Online Sessions: $2,000


  • Understanding the Forex market.
  • The basics of Forex – currency pairs, pip values, etc.
  • Fundamental analysis.
  • Technical analysis.
  • Using the Metatrader platform.


  • Definition of Forex terms.
  • Settings for Metatrader (MT4) platform – using the tools, installing Fibonacci ratios, placing orders etc.
  • Trends & trend lines.
  • Support & Resistance levels.


  • Introduction to Fibonacci ratios.
  • Ground rules for the different Fibonacci ratios.
  • Principles of Money Management.
  • Multiple time frames – The rule of 3.
  • The ‘Regular Divergence’ trading strategy.
  • Currency correlations.
  • Understanding Relative strength between currencies & using it to identify the ideal currency pair to trade.
  • Trade Plan


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