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Why Learn with Willo?



Culture and community centered foundation Student investment and support Valuable educational resources for long term success


Unique system that is simplified and transparent Training platform for the beginner and experienced investor Interactive resources available through networking forums Small classroom sizes for enhanced learning

Growth Opportunity

Advance to the Willo Fund to become a trader for Willo Investments and capitalize on the markets together with your newly acquired approach to trading the FOREX markets.

Creating a world renowned Trading System

Our vision is to create a world renowned training platform that will create opportunity and organic growth towards becoming a successful trader. With our unique approach to the financial markets and strong, community-centered culture, Willo will invest in our students and work alongside them on their journey and path to success.

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The Willo Trading Advantage

Here are just a few of the reasons people consider Willo one of the best trading educational programs available today:

Trading is a very serious business & one has to spend time & efforts learning it, like any other business. A serious trader must invest in himself and education is the foundation of success. There is a huge amount of information available on trading Forex & everyone wanting to sell their techniques, but unfortunately most of it does not work. This is not because the techniques are wrong, but successful trading requires a combination of different factors, which most strategies do not follow.

What works for someone may not work for you since the “technique” is the least important part of trading. One has to control the ‘Money management’ & the ‘Mind’ factor to succeed, which unfortunately most courses ignore.

We follow the concept of 3M’s – Money, Mind & Method.

Our techniques/methods work because each system has a specific trade plan built for it, with precise details on entry, stop, profit objectives, take profit, scaling out etc. In short, we wait for the right opportunity, and then manage the trades based on our principles.

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Covered in the Course


Understanding price movement & learning different techniques which are price based. This understanding gives you faith in your system and you do not panic if price goes against you.

Money Management

Learning the importance of money management, without which you will never grow your account.

“Mind” Factors

Understanding the ‘Mind” factors like discipline & patience and apply it to the plan.

Plan Developement

Finally, developing a custom based trade plan for you, based on – your capital, the time you can give to the markets, the techniques that you are comfortable with, etc

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